>> NVR Quick Setup

 >> Becoming the Registered Owner of your NVR and sharing it with others.

 >> Keeping Cameras and NVR firmware up to date.

 >> Setting up NVR to VAST2.

 >> Adding your NVR to VAST2 from another network.

 >> Camera Recording to SD card.

 >> Sharing your NVR with different permissions through the cloud.

 >> Seamless Recording in LiveClient and VAST2.

 >> Setting Up Email Alerts on NVR.

 >> Setting up Email Notifications on VAST2.

 >> My Vivotek NVR is Not Recording. Why Not?

 >> How to download all files from local Camera storage


Desktop Software


An easy to use IP video management software (VMS).


Embedded with device management functions, can easily set up multiple cameras at once.

Mobile Software 

 VivoCloud AndroidiPhone

VIVOCloud Surveillance makes mobile surveillance much easier and smarter than ever. 

 iViewer  Android iPhone

Allow users to monitor locations remotely by providing access to surveillance camera video directly from iOS or Android handheld device.


 >> Keeping Cameras and NVR firmware up to date.

 >> Becoming the registered owner of NVR and sharing it with others.

 >> Sending Emails Notifications through NVR.

 >> Push Notifications on your EZView Phone App

 >> Sharing NVR to others with different permissions.

 >> Setting up Motion Detection, Video Loss and/or Tampering.

 >> Connecting your EZStation to your EZCloud account.

 >> Resetting NVR and EZStation Password

 >> How to Add Your NVRs and Playback Footage on EZStation

 >> Resetting Uniview NVR and IP Camera Password

 >> Ports to Open to Allow EZView Live View

Desktop Software


Unified management for Uniview’s IP cameras, NVRs, hybrid NVRs, network keyboards, decoding devices, and etc.


A tool kit for device search and upgrade, remote configuration, recording time and capacity calculation.

Mobile Software 

EZCloud  Android iPhone 

Access Uniview surveillance products through network and view live or recorded video, receive alarms and manage cloud devices using your mobile phone.


 >> How to extract Footage

 >> Fixing Firmware Issues with the Latest Monthly Patch

 >> Auto Start NX Client on BootUp

 >> Creating and Managing Users and Permissions


Haven't answered your NX questions? Visit the Official NX Witness FAQ's Page.


Desktop Software

NX Client/Server     

An open IP video management system(IPVMS) designed to find, view, record, and manage IP video cameras as well as integrate quickly with 3rd party systems and devices.

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64 Bit -  Bundle Download Client Download Server Download Server Tool

32 Bit - Bundle Download Client Download Server Download  Server Tool

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 Client Download 

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64 Bit -  Client Download  Server Download

32 Bit -  Client Download  Server Download

Mobile Software 

NX Mobile Android iPhone

Nx Witness Mobile - with a custom developed media player - is a low-latency, user-friendly mobile application that allows users to stream, record, search, and control IP cameras over Wifi or Data connections.